Scarecrow Video Highlighted in CNN Feature on Seattle

The U District is home to a true Seattle gem – Scarecrow Video! The team at Scarecrow is known for innovative programs that create a space for all.

Excerpt from the CNN’s Quest Wold of Wonder, The US city that keeps changing the world, by Richard Quest and Julia Buckley

One Seattle place that has defied innovation is Scarecrow Video, home to the largest private video and “physical media” archive in the United States. Videos, DVDs Blu-rays and LaserDiscs are all on the shelves. There are around 145,000 titles on display, according to the store’s Matt Lynch.

Why so many? That’s a terrible question, says Lynch. “You wouldn’t walk into the Louvre and say, ‘Why do you have so many paintings?’ Somebody has got to keep this stuff alive and kicking and available to people who want to see it.” He calls it “a cultural history that you’re not going to find anywhere else.”