Explore a world of boba in the U District

Make your way through featured flavors and offerings with local U District bubble tea shops and more!

View the 2024 Seattle Boba Fest menu below!


Boba Up

Boba Fest Self-Serve Split Cup
Enjoy two individual flavors in a special split cup at the first ever self-serve boba tea shop in the PNW!

Sizzle & Crunch

Mango Green Tea with Lychee Jelly
Craft mango green tea with lychee flavored jelly, and additional line-up of seasonal beverages!

Sip House

Boba Lava Cake
Light and spongy chiffon cake topped with earl grey tea cream and boba. Only happens once a year!


Boba Gem Tea House

Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Boba
Rich and sweet brown sugar milk with pops of chewy boba


Blue Lagoon
Lychee blue curacao shaken green tea

Cafe Allegro

Iced Chai Tea Latte with Black Tapioca Pearls
Sweet and spicy chai tea latte with black tapioca pearls

Cafe Canuc

Brown Sugar Boba Tea Croffle
Sweet and rich brown sugar milk tea cream paired with chewy boba, served with crispy croffle

Cold Plate

Boba Milk Tea Ice Cream
Delicious soft-serve ice cream flavors with delightful boba

DingTea Seattle

Monster Golden Boba Latte
Thicker brown sugar mixed in whole milk with golden boba

Don’t Yell At Me

Pink Lychee Smoothies Topped with Cheesefoam
Pink lychee fruit smoothies topped with the perfect sweet and salty cheesefoam

Hey! I Am Yogost

Osmanthus Fermented Rice Milk Tea
Hand crafted sugar coat osmanthus with a hint of sake flavor

Kai’s Thai Street Food & Bar

OG Thai Iced Tea or Cookies & Tea
OG Thai iced tea and boba or cookies and tea (chocolate drip thai iced tea with chocolate cookies and boba)

Konbit Cafe

Ti Boba Pam – ‘My Little Boba’
Bobalicious spin on the signature Pacot Latte blending star anise, cinnamon and ginger.

Ladd & Lass Brewing

Hard Milk Tea Seltzer Flight (21+)
Enjoy four 4-ounce tasters of hard milk tea seltzer: original milk tea, passion fruit, mango, and guava

Macu Tea – UW

Taro Boba Milk Tea
Milk tea with fresh taro paste and boba

Mee Sum Pastry

Honey Milk Tea, Thai Milk Tea & Our Classic Milk Tea
Choose from our classic milk tea, our sweet milk tea or get spicy with our Thai Milk Tea

Meraki Tea Bar

Mango Green Tea Lemonade
Mango syrup with freshly squeezed lemonade with jasmine green tea

Möge Tee

Creme Brulee Milk Tea
A decadent blend of creamy milk tea with rich, caramelized creme brulee topping, offering a luxurious, sweet sip

Oasis Tea Zone

Brown Sugar Boba Sundae
Tillamook ice cream with brown sugar boba and egg pudding

OH Bear Cafe and Teahouse

White Rabbit Candy Milk Jasmine Tea
Housemade white rabbit candy syrup, fresh milk, and jasmine tea

Roji Monster Ice Cream

Free Boba on Any Item
Add boba to anything for free

Seattle Best Tea UW

Heavy Oolong Milk Tea
Our signature drink, dark roasted oolong milk tea shaken over ice

Sharetea UW

Mango & Passion Fruit Tea
Fan-favorite green tea-based drink – try it with aloe vera, lychee or aiyu jelly.

Shiga’s Imports

Boba Keychain
Check out all the boba themed goods and get a free keychain

Shultzy’s Bar & Grill

Bobastar Martini (21+)
Vanilla vodka, passion fruit liqueur, house vanilla simple, lime, boba, prosecco

Sunright Tea Studio U-District

Sunright Boba Milk Tea
Ceylon black tea blended our house milk drizzled with brown sugar syrup and topped with brown sugar boba

Sweet Alchemy Ice Creamery

Milk Tea Ice Cream with Boba Topping
Assam black tea-infused ice cream and brown sugar syrup swirl, topped with boba

Timeless Tea

Mango Pomelo Sago
Delicious contemporary sweet drink made of diced mango, pomelo, sago, coconut cream, and milk

TP Tea

Passion Fruit Green Tea, Taiwan Classic Milk Tea
Passion fruit green tea brings a nice refreshing vibe. Or try Taiwan classic milk tea, TP’s signature drink

YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea UW

YiFang Milk Tea (Non Dairy)
A perfect match of Taiwan’s well-known sun moon lake black tea and non dairy creamer