Explore a world of boba in the U District

Make your way through featured flavors and offerings with local U District bubble tea shops and more! For boba-inspired desserts and shopping, click here.

View the 2023 Seattle Boba Fest menu below and stay tuned for 2024 details in the month leading up to the event!

Boba Up – 🧋Boba Fest Partner🧋 – #25

11am – 12am / 4141 University Way NE
Boba Fest Self-Serve Split Cup
Enjoy two individual flavors in a special split cup at the first ever self-serve boba tea shop in the PNW.
GIVEAWAY: Free plush toy with $15 purchase or free tote bag with $10 purchase! One per transaction, while supplies last.

Boba Gem Tea House – #23

11am – 10pm / 4213 University Way NE
Brown Sugar Boba Latte
Pair delicious boba coated in vegan honey and brown sugar, with choice of milk and optional black tea.

Boba Smoothies – #17

11am – 10pm / 1409 NE 45th Street
Mango Smoothie with Rainbow Jelly
Serving boba, smoothies, and fast food to satisfy all cravings in one stop!

BobaLust – #10

12pm – 11pm / 4553 University Way NE
Hokkaido Milk Tea
Handcrafted signature candy milk tea, satisfying all of your bubble tea cravings.

Call A Chicken – #22

11am – 11pm / 4237 University Way NE
Boba Tea & Wings Combo
Today only, enjoy a complimentary boba tea with your purchase of 10-piece wings.
GIVEAWAY: Combo includes free bubble tea with purchase!

DingTea Seattle – #7

11am – 10pm / 4725 University Way NE
Monster Golden Boba Latte
Deliciously sweet golden boba and brown sugar sauce mixed with whole milk – don’t forget to shake it.

Dont Yell At Me – #13

12pm – 10pm / 4511 University Way NE
Pink Lychee Smoothie Topped with Cheese Foam
Smoothie made with real lychee and topped with a signature cheese foam.
GIVEAWAY: free sticker with purchase, while supplies last!

Mee Sum Pastry and Cafe – #18

11am – 10pm / 4343 University Way NE
Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea
Made with non-dairy products and a premium black tea – enjoy with a side of delicious buns and pastries. 

Meraki Tea Bar – #9

12pm – 10pm / 4701 Brooklyn Ave NE
White Peach Oolong Tea with Pearls
White peach oolong tea paired with premium non-dairy creamer and boba pearls.
GIVEAWAY: free sticker for the first 100 guests!

Möge Tee – #19

12pm – 9pm / 4334 University Way NE
Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea
Homemade boba with brown sugar syrup, with your choice of milk or black milk tea.

Oasis Tea Zone – #12

11am – 11pm / 4524 University Way NE
Taro Milk Tea
Deliciously refreshing, sweet, nutty flavor with a smooth buttery finish.

OH Bear Cafe and Teahouse – #8

11am – 8pm / 4708 NE 11th Ave
White Rabbit Candy Milk Jasmine Tea
Iconic Chinese candy ‘White Rabbit Cream’ adds a sweet flavor to this milk and jasmine tea.

R&B Tea UW – #15

11am – 9pm / 1100 NE 45th Street
Herbal Chrysanthemum Milk Tea
Enjoy with grass jelly and chia seeds! R&B Tea boasts 1,500 shops worldwide.

Roji Monster Ice Cream – #2

12pm – 9:30pm / 5000 University Way NE
Matcha Milk Tea with Boba
Blended matcha green tea with milk and boba at this shop also known for its ice cream cuisine.

Seattle Best Tea UW – #14

12pm – 9pm / 4505 University Way NE
Jasmine Milk Tea
Steeped in the Taiwanese tea culture and known for their variety of drinks and friendly staff.

Sharetea UW – #6

12pm – 9pm / 4730 University Way NE
Mango & Passion Fruit Tea
Fan-favorite green tea-based drink – try it with aloe vera, lychee or aiyu jelly.

Sunright Tea Studio U-District – #11

12pm – 9pm / 4545 Roosevelt Way NE
Sunright Boba Milk Tea
Signature Ceylon tea mix with special house milk and homemade brown sugar.
Sunright Tea mugs to the first 50 customers that purchase two or more drinks – or – stainless steel water bottles to the first 25 customers that buy 4 or more drinks.

Timeless Tea – #4

11am – 11pm / 1000 NE 50th Street
Mango Pomelo Sago
Delicious contemporary sweet drink made of diced mango, pomelo, sago, coconut cream, and milk.

TP Tea – #16

12pm – 8pm / 1312 NE 45th Street
3Q TP Milk Tea
Sip on this tasty signature milk tea, made with roasted Tieguanyin tea.

YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea – #3

12pm – 10pm / 5000 University Way NE
YiFang Fruit Tea
Made with real fruits like pineapples, passion fruit, and lemons for juice.