Cassady Kintner, PLLC

Women Owned Business

I help people experiencing anxiety, depression and low self-worth to move into a place of healing, self-acceptance and confidence.
I love working with people who want support and freedom from their own beliefs that they are not good enough. Many of us feel we must be a certain way before before we can feel good about ourselves, which often leads to emotional rollercoasters, toxic self-talk and unhealthy coping. My goal is to promote healthy self-esteem by providing insight, tools and a safe place to be yourself.

Along with my personal experience living with type 1 diabetes for over 23 years, I have specialized training in Medical Family Therapy and believe there is a strong connection between the mind and the body. I am passionate about sharing strategies (a fair amount of which I have learned hard way!) that address issues like adjusting to a new diagnosis and disease burnout (among others) because I’d like to save you some time, wheel-spinning and goose-chasing.

(206) 858-0247

4500 9th Ave NE #300