CeBell Berry, MA LMFT

Women Owned Business

Sometimes life can seem overwhelming, full of problems or anxieties, and empty. During our individual counseling sessions, we will work towards understanding your particular situation. Together we will create an individualize plan to implement changes you want.

Couples counseling can help resolve conflicts and improve your relationship. As I am an interactive and direct therapist, we will co-create goals to help improve your relationship the way you want. Couples in all types of intimate relationships can be helped by therapy including pre-martial couples, married or life partners, separated couples or divorced parents learning to be co-parents.

Facing challenges is a natural part of being a family. With family therapy, I strive to assist your family to further develop the tools to overcome challenges together, strengthen your relationships with one another, and create a supportive family environment. This type of therapy can be particularly helpful to families who have experienced a traumatic event, including among others, moving, the loss of a loved one, divorce, drug/alcohol problems, etc.

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