Eline Media

E-Line Media is a video game developer and publisher passionate about harnessing the power of games to help players understand and shape the world.

The pairing of great artistry and relevant themes has led to financial success as well as lasting social and cultural impact in film, television, music and other media. We believe that now is the time to apply this winning formula to video games.

While there are individual games that evidence this approach, there has never been a company built from the ground-up to publish a slate of games that fire the imagination, catalyze curiosity, explore meaningful themes, and provide gateways to new perspectives and interests.

E-Line is globally recognized as a pioneer in the games and impact sector. The company is regularly featured at gaming conferences, educational forums, and other global convenings. E-Line has also been a key driver of a number of high-profile impact game initiatives, including the National STEM Video Game Challenge (launched at the White House by President Obama), the Games and Learning Publishing Council (funded by the Gates Foundation) and the ASU Center for Games and Impact.

E-Line is a double-bottom-line, for-profit enterprise whose investors seek market-level financial returns and positive social impact.


4507 University Way NE #208Seattle, WA 98105