Factor Art Gallery

BIPOC Business

This awards winning private art gallery is located in the University Heights area of the University District of Seattle, Washington.

“Trans-Media Art” combines works on canvas with a written element in the form of a gallery book for each show; and a visual element in the form of a high definition presentation of the artist and artist’s description of each of their works displayed in the gallery on tablets.

We schedule appointments for individual and group showings, based on availability of requested time Sun-Fri (viewings are a max of 2 hours; includes complementary beverages, wine or soft drinks); appointments are available for all serious art collectors, art lovers and artists alike. To make an appointment for viewing, please email us at [email protected] Subject-line: “Scheduling a viewing” or phone 206-212-0422.

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(509) 934-7092

5521 University Way NE