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I’m a depth psychotherapist who facilitates healing and transformation through gentle but honest mutual work with emotions, behaviors, imagery, grounding, memory, story, presence, and hope. It’s an honor and a privilege to be a partner in my client’s journey toward deep inner healing. In my practice, I help individuals and couples dive beneath the surface issues, discover the underlying sources of distress, and re-emerge into a more fulfilling life.

As a licensed and skilled clinical psychotherapist, I’d like to join you on your journey where you already are, and help you find opportunities for symptom relief, growth, and healing. As such, the therapeutic relationship is the most important aspect of psychotherapy. For treatment to be successful, you need a space where you can feel comfortable sharing more of what’s on the inside with someone you trust, who listens, and can help you hold and process your experiences. Together, we can encourage this safe and warm environment.

I will bring a collaborative, non-judgmental, compassionate, and unique approach to healing that combines psychotherapeutic methods that focus not only on treating an individual’s negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, but in the context of past wounds, hurts, and losses in order to change patterns that trigger or reinforce problems in your current life. Learning techniques which will empower you; releasing old patterns and re-claiming yet retrieving parts of yourself. Using this approach, the focus will be on life transitions, identity development, healthy relationships, and spiritual formation. Deep seated issues are explored and treated as therapy progresses over time, with the goal of restoring wholeness and balance in your life.

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