Hampton Tutors

Our approach is centered around the idea of academic coaching. Academic Coaching is like tutoring plus. Yes, like traditional tutors, we help students with specific subject content; our coaches are experts when it comes to subject content. However, it doesn’t stop there.

Academic coaching also includes teaching a student Executive Function. We show them how to manage their time, organize their workload, advocate for themselves, and generally develop strong working habits.

As part of our academic coaching approach, we make our coaches available to students outside of lesson time. Coaches can check-in with students to ensure a project is on track. Students can text or email their coaches to get a refresher on a topic or get one more pair of eyes on a paper before they turn it in.

Our coaches can also liaise with the student’s school to ensure that our coaching best supports student learning. We can also coordinate with other key individuals – medical professionals, therapists, or specific teachers.


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