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By far, the most important thing to know about how I work is that I am not your typical talk therapist. I do trauma therapy which is very different than regular talk therapy. Talk therapy has an important role in the healing process and often leads to clients seeking out trauma work. That is where I come in! As a trauma therapist, I understand that talking about negative difficult experiences only activates them and does nothing to resolve them. I help clients resolve and integrate their past trauma which involves doing intensely deep work. My clients often comment that our work together is “really hard” but some of the most productive time they have ever spent in therapy.

My approach to therapy is informed by my holistic philosophy that an individual’s mind, body and spirit are all integral to healing. My work is grounded in my values of community, social justice, and personal empowerment. My role as a therapist is one of helping clients unlock their innate ability to heal self and to steer them toward a path of self-discovery. Some of the theoretical orientations I incorporate include Psychosynthesis, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Humanistic Psychology. I frequently use EMDR, Lifespan Integration, and IFS to help clients integrate parts of self that have become fragmented throughout their lifetime. These modalities are designed to access unresolved trauma that has been stored in the body and unconscious mind and move it into an integrated resolved state.

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