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I have training in Humanistic psychology, Person-Centered Approach, Psychodynamic Oriented Psychotherapy, Experiential Psychotherapy and Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy. My approach reflects all my training.

I believe that all of us essentially know what is good for ourselves. Yet, we are not always aware of it. In our sessions, we will meet together to better understand your feelings and experiences by exploring the meaning(s) of your present and past experiences. For an example, why you feel and behave the way(s) you do. Increasing your awareness and understanding of your experiences would help you to gain alternative perspectives that would help you to no longer feel stuck and/or afraid. I will make observations, interpretations, and recommendations that assist you to gain a sense of congruence.

For couples: We meet together to explore current situation and share each other’s point of view. We will work to understand how both affect each other. Learning how to listen and communicate, and starting a difficult conversation are tough at times. However, when you are able to be supportive and gentle to yourself and each other, many new discoveries about your relationship can come. I will provide you a safe space to begin the process assist you on the journey

I believe good therapeutic relationship is crucial for successful treatment. To make successful and necessary changes, we both need to have an openness and honesty.

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