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Scarecrow Video is dedicated to championing the indispensable role of film arts in community, cultural, and civic life.


We are committed to: building film literacy, ensuring full public access to the largest privately held video and physical media archive in the United States, advancing cultural and educational enrichment through community-based programming, and supporting the arts capacity of civic groups, educational institutions, and nonprofits in the Puget Sound area.


Scarecrow Video is founded upon a very basic value: We believe all people, everywhere, should have the opportunity to access the film arts. Film is a portal to a wider world of culture including drama, entertainment, music, literature, human diversity, history, science, travel and much more. Scarecrow Video ensures people have the resources and opportunities to explore the world of film and build their own arts-rich communities.

Uniting people and creating communities around film is what gave Scarecrow Video life in 1988. Today Scarecrow is building upon this legacy of community impact. We want to share our expertise and stoke enthusiasm for the unique and compelling art form that is film.

The internet, video-on-demand, and high-definition formats have changed the landscape, offering greater access to all forms of entertainment. Our focus is to complement those changes in ways only we can by providing access to not only what is available from mainstream sources, but to rare, out-of-print, and foreign and independent films, many of which are available nowhere else. As Scarecrow moves forward into its next chapter, we are developing new and innovative ways to engage with the community and continue to be a vital part of Seattle.

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