Starkel Nutrition

Women Owned Business

Our philosophy is that health is paramount to a happy life. Without your health, you cannot have anything else in life. Think about it for a moment – if you are ill, it affects everything including relationships, your job, and any recreation. For this reason, we work with clients on achieving optimal health. You let us know your goals, and we provide education and nutritional information as well as support to allow you to get there. In a quest for optimal health, sometimes the hardest part is determining the correct nutrition information for your condition. You may have already sorted through an abundance of information, looking for the solution that best meets your needs. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. Our knowledge is evidence-based, and we are all master-level nutritionists. We work with you to personalize your treatment and help you determine what applies to you and your goals, specifically.

Starkel Nutrition is a full service clinic. We are master-level nutritionists who each specialize in a slightly different approach and area of functional medicine nutrition. Some of our providers have additional designations, such as as mental health counselors and acupuncturists, and have additional training in specific areas such as autoimmune conditions or oncology. They all engage in continuing their education for the benefit of their clients, seeking out new research and data to aid in helping clients achieve their optimal health.

Being a full service clinic means we have practitioners who work with and specialize on eating disorder recovery, just as much as we have practitioners who help clients with sustainable weight management. While to some this may appear as contradictory information, we urge you to consider it otherwise. Each of our providers are an individual practitioner with their own approach to healing and a specific segment of population they aim to serve best. Our goal is to help as many individuals as we can, and that means being a safe space for people from all walks of life, each with highly varied goals.

We hope our clients see and know that our intent in our presentation of our website, social media, communications and our physical office space is always to be kind and welcoming for all.

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