Studio Life

Women Owned Business

We are friends, neighbors, fledgling artists and plant-lovers doing life with our families in the vibrant urban neighborhood of the University District in Seattle, WA. Recently having launched our youngest kids off to full-day school, we are creating space in our lives and our neighborhood for more beauty and creativity. What would it look like to invite more time and space for ourselves in our day to day life? How could we find more beauty in the reality of life? Our families are purposefully rooted in this city that we love and we wanted to make space for creativity and natural elements to bring more balance and beauty to our homes. This was the inspiration for StudioLife. Creating space is a choice and takes practice. We believe that the discipline of creating space in our lives enriches us and benefits those around us, because of this we felt compelled to provide a space that invites others to do the same and we are having a really good time!

Monday Closed
Tuesday 12pm-5pm
Wednesday 12pm-5pm
Thursday 12pm-5pm
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

(206) 427-6339

5236 University Way NE