The Ballet Studio

Women Owned Business

What sets The Ballet Studio apart from other dance studios?
We teach ballet exclusively and adults exclusively. We have four levels of ballet for adults, as well as a beginning pointe class and ballet exercise classes. We also teach a variations class intermittently during the year. Check the schedule for updates.

The Ballet Studio offers prospective students a complimentary placement class. You can select any class on the schedule!

Brand new beginning students should take Ballet Exercise for the complimentary class. The Very Beginning Ballet class starts from the “very beginning” each quarter, so a placement class is not appropriate unless it is the first week or two of the quarter.

At The Ballet Studio, we teach adult ballet classes in a supportive and professional atmosphere. Our live musical accompaniment, and old style dance studio with dressing rooms, three walls of mirrors, stationary and portable barres, air conditioning and daylight windows make for a lovely setting in which to learn ballet. We do not take drop in students, but a session basis only. In this way, we can move our students forward in an organized manner with a set syllabus.

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4556 University Way NE