Transmutation Counseling

Women Owned Business

I named my practice “Transmutation Counseling”, because of my commitment to guiding my clients to experience tangible changes both internally and externally— changes in how they think, feel, behave, and perceive. I view therapy as a serious commitment and usually prefer scheduling weekly sessions in order to facilitate clear changes. The therapy I do with clients requires you to find inner courage and strength, because we will not be avoiding painful memories, thoughts, and emotions. I will provide a supportive and empowering environment for you to explore your unique experiences in this world. In addition to discussing your current life, we will also strongly focus on events from your past, going all the way back to childhood. I believe making space to integrating past experiences is necessary in order to live more fully in the present.

My goal for the work we do together is to gradually connect you more to your internal experience – your beliefs, emotions, sensations, wants, and needs. Doing inner transformational work can feel messy and unpleasant at times, and I will support you in this process. Once we’ve given some personalized focus to your internal world, it’s possible you may organically feel compelled to change parts of your external world as well.

​I am a good fit for people who are prepared to take personal responsibility in the choices they make concerning their health and wellbeing. My role as your therapist is to empower you to create the freedom that will allow you to flourish and be your own beautiful and unique self.

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