Ugly Mug Cafe

BIPOC Business

Many things have to be cared for and be prepared to achieve a quality coffee, and it is our job to acknowledge, develop and perfect each technique and skill to output a wonderful product that anyone can enjoy and indulge. We sample each coffee from around the world and ensure to carry only a quality coffee. Also, we roast our coffee meticulously with detailed precision. With being a small scale artisan coffee roaster, we can concentrate and focus from batch to batch to ensure the quality of our product.

Although quality is our forefront philosophy, if we cannot provide Hospitality as a coffee house, we believe we failed to deliver what we set out to do. Offering comfortable and accessible atmosphere for our patrons to enjoy our quality product is what we strive to achieve and It is that act of providing amalgamation of Quality and Hospitality is what our mission is all about.

Underdeveloped? Over roasted? Our focus when it comes to roasting coffee is ‘balance.’ Fully developing the potential flavors of coffee by finding an optimal point between light roast and dark roast is what we try to achieve. Thus, our coffee is roasted light to medium roast depending on which region of coffee we are roasting.

Monday 8am-2pm
Tuesday 8am-2pm
Wednesday 8am-2pm
Thursday 8am-2pm
Friday 8am-2pm
Saturday 8am-2pm
Sunday 8am-2pm

(206) 547-3219

1309 NE 43rd St